On one of the rainiest days last year, the clouds politely paused for a moment so Amanda and Travis could finally say, “I do” at. Barr Mansion.

These two probably look familiar because earlier this year I featured their intimate first look we organized the fall before their wedding.

Amanda and Travis had the most intimate and emotional wedding. They chose to get married in the presence of just their parents and Travis’ sister’s family. All rock-solid relationships that shaped their view of marriage. The rest of their family watched from afar via Livestream.

I’m still in awe of the thoughtfulness in every detail of their day at Barr Mansion.

Amanda's dress was a vintage wedding gown her friend discovered abandoned in a venue. Travis thrifted his suit, as well, and it featured gorgeous embroidery details. Travis’ sister-in-law, a very talented florist in the Austin area, curated the florals. They were blessed with the best and most thoughtful wedding day coordinator, Molly, who works at Barr Mansion.

The ceremony was emotional, to say the least. As Amanda walked down the aisle, there wasn't a dry eye to be seen. There were also plenty of tears to ago around during their personal vows.

For the reception, Barr Mansion decorated the farmstead with gorgeous velvet furniture. The nine guests toasted with champagne and sat in a circle to share their favorite family anecdotes. Amanda and Travis shared the dance floor for a single dance to a Dolly Parton classic.

Amanda and Travis sure did know how to curate a day full of meaning.

Thankfully, Amanda and Travis got to celebrate their wedding again this spring — stay tuned for those photos!

Venue: Barr Mansion

Florist: Lovelily Flowers

Coordinator: Molly Mulally

Photographer: TLC Photography

Kind Words from Amanda and Travis:

“Tess is the most sensitive and vigilant photographer - catching all those subtle moments that really make a memory magical. She is extremely sharp and attuned to her clients’ experience such that she is able to capture their experience through a very personal lens. I will always trust Tess to capture my most special moments!”

Did you know TLC Photography is a preferred vendor for Barr Mansion? Learn more about our wedding package and inquire today to have me capture your wedding day.

Barr Mansion Micro Wedding in Austin, Texas

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