Maggie won a Day in the Life session with Tess Leslie Photography during my birthday giveaway in 2020. I was so excited to work with her and her boyfriend Dylan to document a typical day in their life together.

I third-wheeled Maggie and Dylan during an ideal Saturday.

They baked biscuits together — like they do many Saturday mornings — and sipped coffee on the patio. They played card games and took the dogs for a walk. (Complete with a spontaneous rainstorm.) Dylan fixed up Maggie’s signature cocktail and they played a round of backgammon. The day was rounded out with puppy snuggles in bed and Maggie reading in the most perfect little reading nook.

I felt like this was the perfect way to encapsulate some of the nicer memories made during the pandemic. Yes, isolation and stress and all the existential things sucked. But Maggie and Dylan were able to fall into a soothing ritual each weekend filled with fun and comfort.

Throughout their Day in the Life session, I was struck by how everything in their home was meaningful.

The biscuit recipe comes from Maggie’s grandfather, as does her love for card games. Her favorite cocktail was the drink Dylan made her on their first date. Many of the decorations around their home come from her family. I loved getting to witness how two people in love can build a home together that feels intentional and safe and just 100% true to their spirit.

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