It's officially time to start booking your fall family photos in Austin, Texas!

I know it might seem hard to fathom donning cute sweaters since Austin still feels hot AF outside, but if you want to secure a fall photo session with most Central Texas photographers this year, this is the best time to secure a spot.

When Should I Take Fall Family Photos in Austin?

Most photographers need a few weeks to edit photos after a photo session. So if you're planning to get holiday cards out this year, you'll want to book your session for 6 weeks before you plan to mail your cards. For example, if you want to send cards by December 16, you'll want to take your photos by the first week of November at the latest.

What Should We Wear for Fall Family Photos in Austin?

I am not very concerned about outfits when it comes to family photos, but I do have some tried and true advice. I don't recommend you all necessarily wear matching outfits, but instead, pick 2-3 complementary colors to mix and match. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable because that comfort will be reflected in your photos. Whether you go for cozy sweaters or more practical clothes for a Texas fall is entirely up to you.

What are the Best Locations for Fall Family Photos in Austin?

Rather than give you a list of the best fields to take photos in, I challenge you to think about locations that mean something to your family. Pick a location that will excite your kids or will be somewhere they feel comfortable.

When Danielle first reached out for family holiday photos last fall, she told me she loved the idea of a Storytelling Session but she was worried it wouldn’t work for her family. She described her two little boys as “stage 5 clingers” and relayed to me the trauma of past holiday photo sessions.

So I suggested we meet somewhere her kids would find fun and feel comfortable.

The obvious first choice: Her local park.

We met up at a park in south Austin and spent the first 30 minutes running around and playing. I played games with her kids and let them guess the “surprise” they would get if they were good. (Yes, bribes work. Their guesses? Chicken nuggets. Kids are easy, man.)

The whole time, I had my camera out, taking pictures of all the action. Once the kids were comfortable and a little tired, we corralled them over to a corner of the park. It took just 10 minutes to take all of the posed family photos.

In the end, it was easy peasy. The parents got the best of both worlds: mantel-ready posed portraits and candids of their kids’ childhoods. And the kids got to have a blast during a photo session for once. That’s benefit of a Storytelling Session.

Of course, the proof is in the pudding: Take a look at some of my favorites from their Storytelling Session.

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The Morgan's Fall Family Photos in Austin, Texas

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