So, What's The Deal With Documentary Photography?

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I have gotten to document countless unforgettable memories

Most of the Time, It Was A Moment I Couldn't Make Up

Sometimes I wonder what life was like before Pinterest.

Once upon a time, people didn’t have the internet to tell them what moments they needed to experience on their wedding day. They didn’t fake their mom zipping up their dress, or ask their wedding party to act emotional and awe-struck during a pre-planned first look. Photographers’ timelines hadn’t yet become a checklist planned out by the minute of every “must-have shot.”

Your wedding day doesn’t have to be a day filled with photo ops. When you throw out the shot list, surround yourself with the people you love, and pad your timeline with space for living in the moment, magic happens.

When I stopped making shot lists for weddings, the photography got better — more meaningful. I captured a tearful and heartfelt moment between a bride and her sister. I saw a groom’s mom’s eyes well up with tears during a first dance. I bore witness to an emotional unplanned first look between a bride and her grandmother. These moments are real; they can’t be planned in advance. But if you’re too focused on what Pinterest says you should care about, you miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of your reality.

Examples of documentary photography

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

and these images tell a real story

Documentary Photography is Perfect For You If....

With documentary-style photography, there is no pressure to perform. You just show up as yourselves, do something you love or you're excited about, and I capture the moments as they happen in real-time.

Did you know that family photos don't have to be a nightmare for everyone involved? Storytelling Sessions allow your kids to have fun and let loose by playing games and doing fun activities that bring out genuine smiles.

When you look back on your wedding day or any other milestone, do you want your photos to remind you of standing in awkward poses? My approach ensures you go home with authentic, unmanufactured memories.

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