Guide to Enchanted Rock Photo Sessions

July 18, 2023

Want to do a photo session at Enchanted Rock? I got you.

Honestly, I am shocked that I have now shot enough photo sessions at Enchanted Rock to be able to write this guide. Not only because I am not nearly in good enough shape to not embarrass myself on the incline up — but also because Enchanted Rock is so unreal I can’t believe I’ve gotten to make art there so many times.

I’ve shot styled shoots, engagement sessions, and maternity sessions at Enchanted Rock. I’ve been there during every season of the year. And I can confirm it’s the perfect adventurous photo location in central Texas. Just far enough out of town to feel like an adventure, but close enough to be doable on a weekday.

Here are answers to all your questions (including the ones you didn’t know to ask) about doing a photo session at Enchanted Rock.

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PS: All of the photos on this post are from a styled proposal session. The models are Alex Barrera and Risa Barrera, and the charcuterie board was provided by Spread the Love.

Guide to a Photo Session at Enchanted Rock

How far is Enchanted Rock from Austin?

Enchanted Rock is one hour and 45 minutes from Austin.

Does it cost money to shoot at Enchanted Rock?

Yes! It’s a $6/person entry fee & a $25 photography fee. You can pay ahead at the Texas Parks & Wildlife website.

Should I book ahead?

Absolutely! Especially on weekends, Enchanted Rock fills up quickly. (In fact, it gets crowded enough on the weekends that I would recommend exploring a weekday option.)

Maternity photos at Enchanted Rock

Should we do a sunrise or sunset session?

Personally, I am not a morning person so driving two hours before sunrise does not appeal to me. And you’d have to hike to the top before sunrise to get the best light. Meanwhile, you can chase the light up the rock during golden hour and finish on top with a gorgeous sunset.

What time should I arrive for golden hour?

I recommend allotting 1.5-hours to 2 hours. You’ll start taking photos around the base of the rock and then chase the sun up the rock. Give yourself at least 30 minutes for hiking (maybe more if you need to take breaks) and at least 30 minutes to enjoy the sunset up top.

Do I have to be in shape to hike Enchanted Rock?

No! You can either allot extra time to hike OR you can stop halfway up the rock. Honestly, there’s a lot of great photos spots halfway up and they’re perfect for maternity sessions or people who can’t do the full hike.

What should I wear to Enchanted Rock?

The terrain is brown/clay, so try to pick clothes that will pop. I’m a fan of neutrals, like white or sage green. You can also go with a bold blue or red. Be sure to bring shoes for the hiking portion!

How can I make my Enchanted Rock session more candid?

There are plenty of things to do at Enchanted Rock than pose looking wistfully out into the distance. You can get photos of the hike up the mountain, pack a picnic dinner, or pop champagne up top.

Is there a place to eat nearby?

Probably my biggest tip is to pack something to eat! There really aren’t any options on the way back to Austin, and if you’re taking photos in the evening you’ll be there during dinner time. Let’s just say I learned this one the hard way.

Let me know if I missed any questions — leave a comment below!

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