Beach Film Engagement Photos on Galveston Island

June 18, 2024

Beach Film Engagement Photos

There’s something undeniably magical about beach film engagement photos, and Gabby and Danny’s session at Galveston Beach was no exception. On a sunny Tuesday, we had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful couple, combining the timeless beauty of 35 mm film with the versatility of digital photography.

We kicked off the evening at La King’s Confectioner in the historic Strand District — Gabby and Danny’s favorite last stop during their trips to Galveston. I love to start engagement sessions with an activity to break the ice. I understand being in front of a camera can feel uncomfortable at first, and I find that having something fun to do helps everyone feel more at ease for the rest of the session. 

After enjoying an ice cream cone, we headed to the beach. In advance of the session, I scouted a few different locations for photos — a vintage pier with views of the Galveston Pier, the jetty’s, and a secluded beach in the Eastern Galveston Beachtown community. 

Gabby and Danny’s beach film engagement photos was a sight to behold. There’s a unique, nostalgic quality to 35 mm film that digital simply can’t replicate. The grain, the colors, and the organic feel of film added a layer of authenticity and timelessness to their engagement photos. 

While film brought a vintage charm, the digital photos ensured that we captured every intricate detail and spontaneous moment. The flexibility of digital photography allows me to experiment with different angles and lighting, resulting in a diverse collection of photos that tell a complete story.

Endlessly grateful for Gabby and Danny — and not just because they gave me a great excuse to go to the beach. Their enthusiasm and natural chemistry made this session one of my favorites to date. 

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