From engagement photos to family milestones, I want to be your photographer for life. My photo sessions are thoughtfully executed to celebrate your personality and help you feel carefree in front of the camera.

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TLP photo sessions are a unique approach to your traditional photo session designed for couples and families who feel uncomfortable during traditional photo sessions.

Instead of meeting at a random location and me arranging you into stiff poses, we meet at a location with special meaning to you. My photo sessions incorporate a fun activity, where I capture a slice of your real life. We'll photograph a mix of genuine candid photos of you doing an activity and mantel-worthy posed photos you'll feel confident in. By the end of the session you'll forget the camera is even there and it'll feel like you're hanging out with an old friend. 

Tess is amazing when it comes to capturing a moment.

- Jorge + olivia

She’s not just taking pictures she’s documenting a chapter in your life. I’ve had a honor of working with Tess twice now and every time I’m in awe of the moments she’s able to seize. Easily one of the most professional and kind beings I’ve had the pleasure of working with.





lifestyle photo sessions

the experience includes:

  • Session planning guidance
  • at least one hour together
  • 40+ images that tell a story
  • digital + film photography
  • professionally edited online gallery

Engagement sessions are included in all wedding packages!

What makes your photo sessions different?

My photo sessions are activity-based, which means we meet up at a location of your choice that encourages movement. The majority of the session will be you and your loved one(s) interacting with the environment and each other organically — I don't use posing prompts. There is no pressure to perform. Occasionally I will also snap a posed photo where you're looking at the camera.

I only offer mini sessions to repeat clients. Due to the documentarian nature of my photo sessions, I create my best work when we take some time at the beginning of the session to get to know each other and get comfortable with the camera. If you're worried about whether or not your kids will last a full hour, keep in mind we're not asking them to pose for a straight hour. They'll be having fun, playing games, and will hardly notice the camera.

Do you offer mini sessions?

What if we only want/need a few quick posed pics?

Honestly, picture-perfect posed photos are not my specialty. I am happy to recommend other talented photographers based in your area that are more aligned with your needs. If you're nervous about this approach or think you couldn't possibly look good in a candid photo, I encourage you to give my approach a try!

YES. I love my LGBTQ+ couples and I can't wait until we live in a world where you don't have to ask this anymore. Tess Leslie Photography is LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certified by EquallyWed, which means I've taken a training to learn best practices while serving the LGBTQ+ community. Of course, if you have any feedback on ways I can be a better ally, please let me know.

Are you enthusiastic about serving LGBTQ+ families?

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